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Shoplifting Lawyer Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth, New Jersey Attorney Defending Clients Against Shoplifting Charges

Laws related to shoplifting in New Jersey are quite detailed. Shoplifting in Elizabeth and elsewhere in the state can be more than walking out of a store without paying for an item that you concealed in your jacket or purse. Because a shoplifting charge can become complicated, it is important to have a strong defense attorney by your side if you are facing this charge.

At the Elizabeth office of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, our lawyers defend clients against all shoplifting charges. Our firm has a robust criminal defense practice made even stronger by the presence of several former criminal prosecutors on our legal team. Now defending people against criminal charges, these attorneys know from first-hand experience how courts handle charges such as shoplifting. For more information and to discuss your case, please contact the Elizabeth branch of our NJ law firm.

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Examples of NJ Shoplifting Charges

Police can arrest you for shoplifting under a variety of circumstances. These include:

Charges such as these and others can have unexpected consequences that can significantly affect your life. Protect yourself against Elizabeth shoplifting charges by having an experienced NJ criminal defense lawyer.

Penalties for Shoplifting in Elizabeth, New Jersey

A New Jersey shoplifting charge and conviction is not always a “slap on the wrist.” The penalties increase in severity depending on the value of merchandise and the degree of the charge. For example:

While a first offender will rarely face a jail sentence for a shoplifting charge, New Jersey statutes require a mandatory jail sentence for a person convicted of a third shoplifting offense.   Additionally, a charge may be elevated to a robbery charge, when the charges involve violence, which could even mean pushing a security guard on the way out f the store. Still, even if your case is resolved with little or no jail sentence, a conviction can wreak havoc on your criminal history, especially in the eyes of a potential employer or landlord.  Having a defense lawyer is one of the best ways to understand what you are facing on a shoplifting charge and your possible defenses. Whether you appear in Elizabeth Municipal Court or Union County Superior Court (also in Elizabeth), our attorneys will mount a vigorous defense against shoplifting charges.

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Why Hire a Bramnick Law Attorney for an Elizabeth Shoplifting Defense?

There are many criminal defense lawyers in the Elizabeth area. Look at some of the things that distinguish our law firm:

Clients depend on our Elizabeth criminal attorneys to build strong cases and protect their rights when facing any type of criminal charge. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Contact Bramnick Law About an Elizabeth Shoplifting Charge

Our Elizabeth criminal defense attorneys always seek the best result possible in cases involving shoplifting. Our record includes dismissals, acceptance into diversionary programs, reduced charges and other outcomes that help people move forward with their lives. Call us or use our contact form to learn more. Our Elizabeth law office is located at 7 Broad Street, close to the city and county courts.

About Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth is a diverse, Hispanic-majority city and home to many people who commute to Newark and New York City. It is the county seat of Union County, housing both the Elizabeth Municipal Court and the Union County. It is home to retail stores and malls that include the Mills at Jersey Gardens.

If you were arrested and charged with shoplifting in Elizabeth, please call to discuss your case with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer from Bramnick Law.




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