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Elizabeth Attorneys Helping Clients Fight New Jersey DWI Charges

The Elizabeth DWI attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC know how serious a New Jersey drunk driving charge can be. After all, we have been helping clients fight such charges for many years and have seen firsthand the consequences defendants face. If found guilty of the charges, drivers may need forced to pay fines, spend time in jail, and lose their driving privileges. That’s why our lawyers work so hard for clients charged with a DWI; we have seen how people’s lives can fall apart after an arrest for drunk driving.

There are two common mistakes made by people charged with a New Jersey DWI. The first is to not fight the charges because they believe there is nothing they can do. The second is to try to fight the charges themselves. The problem with these approaches is the missed opportunity to challenge the state’s case against you. . Your best chance of achieving a good outcome when facing a DWI in Elizabeth or Union County is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable drunk driving defense lawyer. Call Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC or contact us online for a free consultation.

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How Our Elizabeth Lawyers Help Clients Fight a NJ DWI

At Bramnick Law, our Elizabeth legal team won’t back down in the face of a DWI charge. We investigate thoroughly, making sure that law enforcement followed the correct procedures when arresting and charging you. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and mounting a vigorous defense against all levels of DWI charges. We know that most people facing DWIs have never been arrested or had legal problems before. It’s a scary time, making it critical to have a seasoned attorney by your side who can explain the process and protect your rights.

Some of the things we can do to help you fight a DWI charge in Elizabeth or elsewhere in New Jersey:

Reasons to Fight a DWI in Elizabeth, NJ

There are many reasons to fight a DWI in New Jersey. Here are just of the few things you should consider:

In addition, a DWI conviction can have negative consequences for your employment opportunities and other aspects of your life. Don’t risk it. Call our Elizabeth DWI lawyers as soon as possible after a DWI arrest.

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If you are facing a DWI charge in Elizabeth or anywhere in New Jersey, get help quickly from Bramnick Law. Call or contact us online for a free consultation to discuss your drunk driving case with an experienced defense lawyer. We will investigate the evidence against you, build a strong case, and protect your rights.

About Elizabeth, NJ and DWI Cases

DWI cases in Elizabeth are usually handled in Municipal Court, which is located at One Police Plaza in Elizabeth. If you must spend time in jail, you will probably serve your sentence at either the police jail, also at One Police Plaza, or at the Union County Jail in Elizabeth at 15 Elizabethtown Plaza. Even if you are not a resident of Elizabeth, you will probably have to appear here if you were arrested for DWI in the city. It is best to have a local attorney defend you against a DWI charge.

Call our Elizabeth DWI lawyers to discuss your case. We have decades of experience in these matters and will fight for the best possible outcome.




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