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Motor Vehicle Points Lawyer in NJ

NJ Traffic Lawyers: The Assessment of Points to Your New Jersey Driving Record

In New Jersey, points are added to your driving record when you are convicted of or plead guilty to a moving violation. The accumulation of points on your driving record can lead to surcharges, higher insurance premiums, and the loss of your driving privileges.

New Jersey allows for motor vehicle offenses to be downgraded after negotiations with municipal court prosecutors. By pleading guilty to a lesser offense, the number of points assessed to your driving record will likely be reduced. We will negotiate with municipal court prosecutors to have a motor vehicle infraction downgraded on the client’s behalf. The law firm of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC represents clients throughout Union and Morris County with traffic related offenses.

How Many Points Can I Acquire Before I Lose My New Jersey Driver’s License?

If you accumulate 12 points on your driving record, your driving privileges will be suspended. Once you accrue 6 points on your driving record, you are subject to heavy surcharges or fines. Moreover, every point assessed after the 6 will lead to additional surcharges being levied against you.

Can I Receive Points for an Out-of-State Ticket in NJ?

Yes. If you receive a traffic ticket in another state, New Jersey will add 2 points to your driving record regardless of what type of offense occurred in the other state.

Can Points Be Deducted from My New Jersey Driving Record?

Yes. There are a few ways to earn point deductions:

  • If you do not commit a violation or receive a suspension for a period of 12 consecutive months, 3 points will automatically be subtracted from your driving record by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
  • If you complete a MVC Driver Improvement Program, 3 points will be subtracted from your driving record. This program may be used every 2 years. It is available to persons who have accumulated 12 to 14 points in more than 2 years and wish to avoid the suspension of their driving privileges. The program may also be required by the Court as a condition to having one’s driving privileges reinstated. Upon receiving a Notice of Scheduled Suspension, you will receive information on how to enroll in this program.
  • If you complete a Defensive Driving Program, 2 points will be subtracted from your driving record. This program may be used every 5 years and is completely voluntary. To enroll in a MVC approved Defensive Driver Program, visit:
  • If you complete a Probationary Driver Program, 3 points will be deducted from your driving record. This program is required if, while licensed on a probationary basis, a person is convicted of two or more motor vehicle offenses totaling 4 or more points. Failure to complete the program will result in a suspension of your driving privileges.

How Many Points Will I Receive for Careless Driving in New Jersey?

A careless driving ticket can result in 2 points being assessed to your driving record. Please refer to the chart below for the points associated with other motor vehicle offenses.

N.J.S.A. – SECTION POINTS 27:23-29 Moving against traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway or Atlantic City Expressway227:23-29 Improper passing on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway or Atlantic City Expressway427:23-29 Unlawful use of median strip on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway or Atlantic City Expressway 239:3-20 Operating a constructor vehicle in excess of 45 mph339:4-14.3 Operating a motorized bicycle on a restricted highway239:4-14.3d More than one person on a motorized bicycle239:4-35 Failure to yield to a pedestrian in crosswalk239:4-36 Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk; passing a vehicle yielding to pedestrian in crosswalk239:4-41 Driving through a safety zone239:4-52 and 39:5C-1 Racing on highway539:4-55 Improper action or omission on grades and curves239:4-57 Failure to observe direction of officer239:4-66 Failure to stop vehicle before crossing sidewalk239:4-66.1 Failure to yield to pedestrians or vehicles while entering or leaving highway239:4-66.2 Driving on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal239:4-71 Operating a motor vehicle on a sidewalk239:4-80 Failure to obey direction of officer239:4-81 Failure to observe traffic signals239:4-82 Failure to keep right239:4-82.1 Improper passing of vehicle on divided highway or divider239:4-83 Failure to keep right at intersection239:4-84 Failure to pass to right of vehicle proceeding in opposite direction539:4-85 Improper passing on right or off roadway 439:4-85.1 Wrong way on a one-way street239:4-86 Improper passing in no passing zone439:4-87 Failure to yield to overtaking vehicle239:4-88 Failure to observe traffic lanes239:4-89 Tailgating239:4-90 Failure to yield at intersection539:4-90.1 Failure to use proper entrances to limited access highways239:4-91 and 39:4-92 Failure to yield to emergency vehicles239:4-96 Reckless driving539:4-97 Careless driving239:4-97a Destruction of agricultural or recreational property239:4-97.1 Slow speed blocking traffic239:4-98 Exceeding maximum: speed 1-14 mph over limit239:4-99 Exceeding maximum: speed 15-29 mph over limit439:4-99 Exceeding maximum: speed 30 mph or more over limit539:4-105 Failure to stop for traffic light239:4-115 Improper turn at traffic light339:4-119 Failure to stop at flashing red signal239:4-122 Failure to stop for a police whistle239:4-123 Improper right or left turn339:4-124 Improper turn from approved turning course339:4-125 Improper “U” turn339:4-126 Failure to give proper signal 239:4-127 Improper backing or turning in street239:4-127.1 Improper crossing of a railroad grade crossing239:4-127.2 Improper crossing of a bridge239:4-128 Improper crossing of a railroad grade crossing by certain vehicles239:4-128.1 Improper passing of school bus539:4-128.4 Improper passing of frozen dessert truck439:4-129 Leaving the scene of an accident, No personal injury239:4-129 Leaving the scene of an accident, Personal injury839:4-144 Failure to observe “stop” or “yield” signs 239:5D-4 Moving violation out of state2

I Wish to Contest My NJ Traffic Ticket – What Can I Do?

Discuss your case with a New Jersey lawyer. If you have received a New Jersey traffic ticket, we may be able to help you. Our defense lawyers are experienced in handling motor vehicle infractions. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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