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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Traffic Attorneys Defend Clients Against Speeding Tickets in NJ

In New Jersey, getting one or more speeding tickets can be very serious. Speeding tickets can result in fines, surcharges, higher insurance premiums, the impounding of your vehicle, loss of license, or even jail time. If you have received a speeding ticket in New Jersey, the Union County law firm of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC can help you defend yourself and protect your rights.

Speeding in New Jersey

Under N.J.S.A. § 39:4-99, it is unlawful to exceed any of the speed limitations prescribed in the chart below.

New Jersey Speed Limits

Road LocationSpeed LimitResidential Districts25 MPHBusiness Districts25 MPHSchool Zones25 MPHSuburban Residential Districts35 MPHSuburban Business Districts35 MPHAll other locations50 MPHCertain highways65 MPH

Speeding Penalties in New Jersey

New Jersey speeding tickets have several different penalties. The chart below outlines the number of points the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) applies to different speeding infractions. If you accumulate six points within three years, MVS will fine you a $150 surcharge plus $25 for each additional point over six.

Speeding Violation Point Assessment

Speed Over the LimitSpeed Limit+1 – 14 MPH2+15 – 29 MPH4+30 MPH or more5

In addition to the assessment of points, you can receive up to a $200 fine. If the offense occurred in certain State-protected zones or on a 65 MPH highway, the amount of the fine will double. Furthermore, offenders can face up to 15 days in jail.

I Want to Contest My New Jersey Speeding Ticket – What Should I Do?

Whether you are a New Jersey resident or from out-of-state, you should discuss your case with a New Jersey lawyer. We handle traffic infractions throughout Union County, New Jersey, including Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Garwood, and Westfield.

On our client’s behalf, we will review police paper work for accuracy, verify the police officer’s training, verify that the certifications for the radar gun are current, and ensure the radar gun functions properly.

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