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Seasoned New Jersey Temporary Disability Lawyers Work Tirelessly to Get You Maximum Replacement Pay When You’ve Been Injured on the Job

All New Jersey companies are required to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage in case any employee is hurt on the job. People injured in workplace accidents in Essex, Union and Somerset counties and throughout NJ are required to file a “Workers’ Comp” claim in order to receive medical treatment, as per their employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage.

However, even though your medical treatment is covered after you’ve been hurt at work, it’s likely you will need to be out on temporary disability status while recovering from your injuries. During that time, how are you supposed to pay your bills? Rent? Mortgage? Put food on the table? That’s where replacement pay comes in. Contact Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC for assistance in getting the maximum replacement pay for lost wages incurred while you are out on disability in Scotch Plains, Elizabeth, Bedminster, Newark and surrounding towns.

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What Is Temporary Disability and How Much Money Will I Get for Lost Wages?

There are three parts of the Workers’ Compensation System: medical treatment, replacement pay and a cash award. Many workers commonly refer to temporary disability or replacement pay for lost wages as “disability benefits.” This is the money that the Workers’ Compensation insurance will pay you when you are sidelined by an injury and out of work recovering – thereby not receiving your usual paycheck. The amount of replacement pay you will receive is based on your income and the amount of time you need to be out of work for medical treatment and recovery.

As soon as you are injured and notify your employer you intend to file a claim, that is considered Day 1 of your “out of work” status. On the eighth day out of work, your replacement pay kicks in and you get, dating back to Day 1 of your injury period, 70 percent of your average paycheck. However, there is a maximum of 400 weeks for replacement pay. In 2015, an injured employing applying for replacement pay can only receive a maximum of $855 per week ($228 minimum).

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They Cut Off My Replacement Pay! Why?

There are three legitimate reasons you are no longer receiving replacement pay for lost wages.

  1. You returned to work on your own.
  2. You have been paid the 400 weeks of replacement pay and that is the maximum allowed under NJ law.
  3. Following a period of medical treatment, the Workers’ Comp doctor said you have reached the level of “maximum medical improvement,” meaning they have provided all the treatment they can for you and have determined that you need to return to work. This includes a return to work on “light duty.”

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