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Undocumented workers face the near-constant risk of legal trouble and deportation while working to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, undocumented workers often take the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs available. But when an undocumented worker suffers an injury on the job, they often don’t know that they have the right to seek compensation and benefits for their injury, or they choose not to request benefits out of fear of losing their job or putting themselves at risk of deportation. Many undocumented workers will continue to work despite their injury so as not to lose critical income. At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, our compassionate New Jersey undocumented worker work injury lawyers understand how difficult and stressful it can be for an undocumented worker to be injured on the job. 

You shouldn’t have to bear the financial cost of your recovery from your injury, especially when your injury prevents you from continuing to work and earning a living. But we know the pressure you might feel to avoid filing a claim for the compensation and benefits you are entitled to for your work injury and to keep going to work despite being seriously hurt. Let our knowledgeable attorneys fight to help you get the resources you need to treat your injuries and help provide for yourself and your family while you recover.

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Compensation You May Be Entitled to As an Undocument Worker Who Has Suffered a Work Injury in New Jersey

Even if you are an undocumented worker who has been injured on the job, you have options for obtaining financial resources to help pay for your medical and living expenses. Those who do not have the authorization to work in the U.S. are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under New Jersey law when they are injured while performing gainful work for an employer. Employers cannot deny workers’ compensation benefits to an employee who has suffered a work injury due to their immigration or work authorization status. 

If you have suffered a work injury, you may be entitled to receive:

When a third-party, such as a negligent motorist, is responsible for causing you work injury, you might also be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim against that third-party in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. 

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Experienced New Jersey Undocumented Worker Work Injury Lawyers at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC Can Help You Navigate the Complexities and Uncertainties in Pursuing Compensation for Your Workplace Accident Today

As an undocumented worker, you may not realize that you have the same rights as any other employee when you suffer an injury on the job in New Jersey. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to all employees who experience a work injury, regardless of their immigration or work authorization status. If you are working as an undocumented worker, you may not get a lot of help from your employer to apply for the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. When you contact our firm for help after suffering a work injury, our experienced New Jersey undocumented worker work injury lawyers take the time to ensure you understand your legal rights and options and what kinds of benefits and compensation you may be legally entitled to. We’ll be with you at every step in your case, helping you overcome the difficulties and obstacles that can come up to get you the fair and full compensation you deserve.

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Being injured while working as an undocumented worker should not have to subject you to financial hardship. You have the same rights to workers’ compensation benefits as any other employee in New Jersey. Contact Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC today for a free, confidential consultation with a knowledgeable work injury attorney to discuss your rights and options for seeking workers’ comp benefits after being injured on the job.

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Injuries for Undocumented Workers

FAQ: Can I be deported for claiming workers’ compensation?

Although filing a claim for workers’ compensation does not itself subject you to being deported, by seeking benefits you are entitled to under state law as an undocumented worker, you run the risk of bringing yourself to the attention of immigration authorities. You also run the risk of your employer retaliating against you by reporting your undocumented status to immigration authorities. If you provided false paperwork to obtain your job, you may also subject yourself to criminal liability.

FAQ: What do I do if my employer’s workers’ compensation insurer won’t pay me benefits because my employer has no record of me working for them?

Many employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers try to avoid keeping documentation, such as timesheets or payroll records, so that there is less paperwork that can be used as evidence to show the employer broke the law by knowingly employing undocumented workers. If your employer is trying to avoid their responsibility to provide you with workers’ compensation benefits for your work injury, contact our experienced attorneys for help in proving your right to workers’ comp benefits.




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