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Experienced New Jersey Attorneys Fight for Your Right to Permanent Disability Due to a Workplace Injury

When you are the victim of an accident in the workplace, severe injuries may prevent you from returning to work. Between the physical pain and the stress of lost wages, a bad situation can become an impossible situation very quickly. However, one of the benefits of Workers’ Compensation is permanent disability, if your condition is so severe that you are unable to return to work on a long-term or permanent basis.

If you or someone you love has been injured at work and wants to file for Permanent Total Disability benefits, it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable Workers’ Comp lawyer who will go up against the insurance carrier and fight for your rights. The attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC have helped countless clients get the compensation and benefits they deserve after a serious workplace injury. Our firm has successfully represented clients in Bernards Township, Newark, West Orange, South Orange, Bloomfield, Montclair and across NJ.

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What Is Permanent Total Disability?

Permanent Disability is a benefit of the NJ Workers’ Compensation System that you may be eligible to receive if your condition following a workplace accident is both severe and long-term (meaning you are out of work recovering for at least 12 months).

Here’s how it works:

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At that point, if your permanent disability benefits application is approved, you will be eligible to receive 450 weeks (more than eight years) of permanent disability benefits. If, at the end of those 450 weeks/eight years, you are still unable to work, disability benefits may continue. If there is any concern that you don’t meet the eligibility requirements for these benefits, or if you make a mistake on the claim form, benefits can be delayed or denied completely.

Keep in mind that even if you do not qualify for full benefits, you may be eligible for Permanent Partial Disability. This type of benefits comes into play when a permanent impairment exists that prevents you from doing your job at full capacity. There are very complex calculations used to determine the amount of your benefit payments. A knowledgeable Workers’ Comp attorney at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC will help you figure out how much you can expect to receive.

Why You Need a Permanent Disability Lawyer to Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve in Scotch Plains, Bridgewater, Newark, and Throughout New Jersey

Although New Jersey workers have a legal right to Workers’ Compensation permanent disability benefits following a workplace accident, the process is difficult and complex and insurance companies aren’t going to make it any easier for you. After all, insurance companies and your employer want you back on the job, not on disability.

When it comes to filing a claim for permanent total disability, the process rarely goes smoothly. This is especially true when you try to go it alone or with a lawyer who doesn’t have expertise in the area of Workers’ Comp law. If your claim is denied (and they often are), our legal team is experienced, knowledgeable and will fight for your right to these benefits.

It makes sense that the process surrounding permanent disability benefits is complex. If you are awarded benefits, your employer’s insurance company may be on the hook for eight years or more. Therefore, the company isn’t going to rubber stamp a claim; it will make you jump through hoops to prove you truly qualify for total permanent disability benefits.

A free conversation with a Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC Worker’s Compensation lawyer will help clarify your options and the likelihood of obtaining permanent disability benefits. We will make sure you understand your rights and we will fight for maximum benefits for you.

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When your welfare and the welfare of your family is on the line, don’t go it alone. Our attorneys will be by your side throughout the entire process. We will make sure your Workers’ Comp application is submitted correctly, and in a timely manner. If problems arise, our legal team will see to it that your rights and best interests are protected. The attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC serve clients throughout New Jersey, including Westfield, Union, Elizabeth, Somerville, Bedminster and Hillsborough. Contact us today.




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