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Uber and Lyft are two of the most popular ride-sharing companies in the transportation industry today. While ease of access for this type of service is what determines their popularity, it does not guarantee the safety of its passengers, nor is it regulated enough to hold its drivers fully responsible for their reckless actions on the road. After all, the drivers are still people who can, and have – just like anyone else – gotten into accidents on the road. Ridesharing crashes in New Jersey are still rising with the number of its users, in fact, ridesharing service vehicles are reported to have been in three times more crashes in 2017 than in 2014. Additionally, more than 430,000 Americans were reported to have been seriously injured in a distracted driving-related crash in 2017 alone. And, if you are hurt in an accident caused by an Uber driver or while a passenger in an Uber car, who is held responsible for your injuries? You might be surprised to find if you were involved in an incident with one of these ridesharing vehicles, that you may be paying for your medical bills out of pocket.

Ridesharing crashes often end up as complicated proceedings involving both first party liability and third party liability. For a free consultation with attorneys who make negligent drivers pay, contact the Bramnick Firm now.

Distracted Uber & Lyft Drivers Cause Serious Injury

Almost anything can cause a momentary distraction that can quickly become fatal on the road, even something as mundane as a driver accepting the next fare on their smartphone through the Uber or Lyft apps. The so-called “hands-free” devices that are standard equipment in all Uber and Lyft vehicles can easily become that kind of distraction, causing serious injury to unsuspecting passengers and their loved ones.

With more and more accidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles, there have been serious questions posed about who should be held liable for these types of incidents, and about how injured victims should seek compensation for their injuries and losses. Unfortunately, liability lawsuits can be complicated for many reasons, and due to the type of insurance that a non-professional driver carries versus what commercial drivers carry, it could mean that if you’re a passenger at the time of a crash in one of these ridesharing vehicles, than you may not get the coverage you need for things like emergency surgical procedures or other medical bills, nor will you be compensated fairly for things like the time you missed from work or more importantly, the pain and suffering that you experienced as a result of your incident.

Examples of Uber & Lyft Crash Cases

At the Bramnick Firm, the lawyers handle Uber or Lyft cases involving:

One of the esteemed attorneys at our firm can review your case to determine liability and can help you get the most money possible for your claim. Entrust your case to the attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC by contacting us today to receive the quality representation that you and your family deserve.

Causes of Uber & Lyft Crashes

Some common causes of Uber or Lyft accidents include:

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, please contact the experienced New Jersey car accident attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC for more information about your legal rights.

Call the New Jersey Uber & Lyft Accident Attorneys for a Free Consultation

We dedicate ourselves fully to every client by providing them with the proper legal services to address their specific needs. We understand that the moments following an accident or other personal injury cases can be quite overwhelming, but proper documentation of your accident and injuries sustained will ensure that you are compensated fairly. Which is why you want and need an experienced litigator on your side to walk you through these complicated proceedings, and to make sure that you successfully take every measure in securing the compensation that you deserve.

Uber & Lyft consider their drivers to be “private contractors” and take little to no responsibility for their actions on the road, making seeking compensation for your injuries after a serious incident a complicated endeavor, to say the least. But at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, we have what it takes to secure the most favorable outcome for each and every case that we take on, no matter the circumstances surrounding your claim. In our area of practice, professional reputation is key, which is why a dedication to excellence is our primary goal. To find out whether you have a case after being injured in an Uber or Lyft car accident, please call the accident attorneys at the Bramnick Firm or fill out our online contact form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Accident Claims in New Jersey

FAQ: I was hurt in an accident as an Uber passenger. Who will pay my expenses?

New Jersey law now requires Uber to provide a generous commercial insurance policy that will cover injuries sustained by Uber passengers in an accident. Our lawyers can help you explore all potential insurance options, which may even include your own car insurance policy.

FAQ: An Uber driver hit me while I was riding my bicycle. I don’t own a car or have car insurance. Do I have any options for recovering compensation?

Yes. The Uber insurance policy applies in Uber accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as passengers in the vehicles themselves.

FAQ: I was hurt driving for Uber, but did not have the app turned on at the time. Can I access the Uber insurance policy?

No. Uber’s insurance coverage only kicks in if the Uber accident took place while you were either looking for a passenger, en route to pick up a passenger or driving with a passenger in the vehicle. It does not apply if the Uber app was turned off—your personal insurance coverage should instead apply.




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