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If you are a doctor or medical provider, our lawyers can help you receive payment for services rendered to patients under New Jersey’s no-fault auto insurance laws through the National Arbitration Forum’s (NAF) PIP arbitration process.

Our attorneys have succeeded in receiving payment for outstanding medical bills in hundreds of cases. Our lawyers handle PIP arbitration cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the doctor or healthcare provider pays no attorneys fees unless we obtain compensation for you. Our goal is always to help you obtain the maximum financial recovery.

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Pre-Certification of Medical Treatment

Patients, doctors, and/or providers must pre-certify certain types of medical treatment for patients injured in automobile accidents. Failure to precertify or properly appeal the denial of precertification may result in the insurance company denying payment. Frequently, insurance companies will contest the medical necessity of chiropractic treatment and physical therapy for injuries to the neck and back. Insurance companies also commonly contest the need for diagnostic tests, such as MRIs and EMG/NCV studies. Our lawyers can help doctors and providers navigate this complex area of the law.

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National Arbitration Forum

After an insurance company denies payment for services rendered to patients injured in automobile accidents, patients, doctors and medical providers may file an Arbitration Demand with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF). This is not a lawsuit but rather, it is a formal request for NAF to appoint an arbitrator to resolve the dispute between the provider and the insurance company. The arbitrators are licensed attorneys who have experience in PIP arbitrations and dispute resolution. The decisions of the arbitrators are binding on both sides of the dispute. Our lawyers have successfully represented doctors and providers in PIP arbitrations since New Jersey created its binding arbitration process in 1998.

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