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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency that oversees legal immigration policies, put out an alert warning non-citizens to steer clear of scammers who are looking to “help” with early applications for the newly announced executive action before it has taken effect.

According to the USCIS, applications are not yet available for the programs outlined in President Obama’s Executive Action.

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If you have been approached or, worse, if you handed over money to one of these unscrupulous people/companies, contact experienced immigration lawyer Michael Noriega at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC. With conveniently located offices in Newark, Morristown, Scotch Plains and Cherry Hill, NJ, we can meet with you quickly to manage your immigration issues, including requests for asylum, deportation defense and Green Card applications. Mr. Noriega speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese and is committed to helping all immigrant families in New Jersey.

Immigration Lawyer Michael Noriega Will Help When Your Family Has Been Scammed in Plainfield, Irvington, or Somerville, NJ

When President Barak Obama announced his decision to make sweeping changes of the nation’s immigration guidelines in late 2014, many immigrants had cause to take notice. Many of the programs being rolled out, thanks to Obama’s Executive Order, will allow undocumented immigrants and their families to remain in New Jersey. Others will be able to have access to non-immigrant visas.

However, new laws tend to bring out the scam artists: people who act like they are trying to help you but, in reality, they are wasting your time and your money.

Since the government is not yet accepting applications for the programs outlined in the executive order, anyone offering to handle your application for a fee is a Scam Artist. Report them to the authorities as soon as possible. Further, if you have been the victim of one of these scams, contact Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC for immediate assistance.

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How to Protect Your Family Against Immigration-Related Scams in NJ

If you trust the wrong people to “assist” you with your immigration-related applications, you run the risk of delaying your application, paying unnecessary fees and your participation in the scam may even attract attention from the government that could lead to deportation proceedings.

There are plenty of law firms and community organizations that offer legitimate assistance with immigration applications. For example, at our firm, Mr. Noriega has the knowledge necessary to protect your rights at every turn. He will assist you and your family with what you need to know to successfully apply for immigration services.

Mr. Noriega will also discuss the eligibility requirements for all of the new programs announced under the executive order, including:

In addition to the new programs, talk with Mr. Noriega about any issues relating to petitioning the government for asylum, a non-immigrant visa or deportation defense in Newark, Morristown, Cherry Hill and East Brunswick and the surrounding towns in NJ.

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You’ve come to the US to live a better life. You work hard and you want to stop having to look over your shoulder, wondering when the Immigration Service may come calling. Talk to a skilled immigration lawyer who will make sure you take advantage of all the new immigration programs you are eligible to participate in. Michael Noriega will protect you against scam artists, and fight those who have already taken advantage of you.

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