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Criminal Immigration Attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ

Skilled New Jersey Immigration Lawyers Defend Criminal Charges That May Lead to Deportation

Immigrants come to New Jersey seeking a better life. However, all too often, they spend much of their time looking over their shoulder, waiting for a visit from ICE to kick them out of the United States. The truth is, unless you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you likely have little to worry about.

However, if you have been charged with a crime, New Jersey criminal laws and their penalties are harsh. When a permanent or nonpermanent resident is charged with a crime in the United States, the legal process that they face is even more devastating. If you have been charged with a crime, you will most likely find yourself in removal proceedings shortly. Criminal charges often lead to deportation. It is important to realize that the government does not need to wait for a conviction to begin removal proceedings. So, if you are living in the US with a green card or visa and are charged with a crime, you must call an experienced immigration lawyer who will fight for your right to stay here. As an immigrant faced with criminal charges, your rights will be reduced and you will need help.

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Only an experienced, knowledgeable immigration attorney will know how to protect your rights and prevent removal from the country. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer right away. The attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC understand exactly what you are going through and how urgent your situation is. Our immigration and criminal defense lawyers will work tirelessly to defend your freedom, and your right to stay in this country. We serve clients throughout NJ, including Union, Somerville, Westfield, Elizabeth, Bedminster and Hillsborough. Call today for a consultation with an experienced immigration and criminal defense lawyer.

Seasoned Attorneys Fight Removal Proceedings Based on Prior Criminal Convictions for Immigrants Living in Newark, Scotch Plains, Bridgewater, and Across New Jersey

Although any crime can result in deportation for an immigrant, there are certain crimes that specifically constitute grounds for deportation. The following crimes are considered “deportable.” There are guidelines governing each of these deportable crime categories:

If you have been charged with a crime, you want to immediately contact a battle-tested immigration and criminal defense attorney who can tell you whether the crime(s) you have been charged with amount to a deportable offense listed above. If the crime(s) does amount to a deportable offense, our attorney can assist in providing your best chance at staying in the country.

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Need Relief from a Past Criminal Conviction in Order to Avoid Deportation or Other Immigration Issues in New Jersey?

If you have already been convicted of a crime that qualifies as one of the offenses listed above, it is essential that a Post-Conviction Relief Application from a Criminal Conviction be filed on your behalf immediately. In filing such application, it is key to your case’s success that you hire a lawyer who specializes in immigration law and criminal defense. These two areas of law are complex and difficult to understand, but an experienced immigration and criminal attorney can guide you through the process.

If you do not currently have permanent status, a conviction will prevent you from obtaining it. However, if you are granted post-conviction relief from a criminal conviction, you can start the process of obtaining permanent residency. This is another area in which legal representation is essential. The laws surrounding immigration are complex and constantly changing. The attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC are well-versed in the intricacies of immigration law and criminal law. We speak many languages. We will guide you through the process and defend you against your charges. We will fight to make sure your rights are protected. Contact us today.




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