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Juvenile Offense Attorneys Represent Minors in South Plainfield, New Jersey

Despite South Plainfield’s dedication to its young people, it sometimes necessary for the South Plainfield police department to investigate juvenile crimes and file charges against those involved for acts of delinquency. The juvenile criminal process is complex and, therefore, it is important for those charged with a juvenile crime to consult with a New Jersey criminal attorney.

South Plainfield, NJ Juvenile Criminal Process

After a child has been formally charged with an act of delinquency the case will most likely proceed in the following manner:


Hearings for juveniles charged as delinquents in Family Court are required to be held within specific mandated time limitations, in particularly regarding juveniles held in secure detention. N.J.S.A 2A:4A-38. The hearings are held in the following order and within the noted time periods: an initial detention hearing is to be held within 24 hours of admission; for juveniles remanded to detention, the initial probable cause hearing and second detention hearing are to be held within two court days; the juvenile is released from detention pending a subsequent hearing is probable cause is not found.

Detention Review Hearings

Detained juvenile review hearings are held at fourteen and twenty one day intervals where the individual’s detention status is reconsidered by a judge.

Adjudication Hearing

At the adjudicatory hearing, the court makes a determination on the delinquency charges. A juvenile may be adjudicated delinquent on one or more of the charges; the other charges are dismissed. After an adjudication of delinquency the judge will order a disposition. In detained cases, the disposition hearing is to occur within 60 court days of admission to detention unless extended by the court for good cause.


Judges are allowed a wide array of disposition in adjudicated cases by Code. Probation supervision is a common outcome, and probation is often ordered along with other requirements such as performing community service or paying financial restitution. In addition, probation is ordered along with more restrictive requirements such as entering a residential program or undergoing counseling. Probation is a major resource to the Family Court and the juvenile justice system. If your child is charged with a serious offense or has a history of juvenile delinquency, the Judge may also sentence your child to a period of incarceration in a state run juvenile detention facility.

Fight Juvenile Charges in South Plainfield, New Jersey

If your child is 14 years or older and charged with an offense that would be a crime if committed by an adult, the agency charging your child will take all reasonable steps to fingerprint your child. This is permitted by the N.J.S.A 2A-BIa(3). It is also very likely that your child will be photographed for criminal identification purposes and a copy of his or her picture will be sent to the county prosecutor. Your child needs a juvenile defense lawyer to ensure the best outcome possible to protect him or her from possible consequences of a conviction that may affect college admission and future employment opportunities.

The law firm of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC handles juvenile delinquency matters arising out of South Plainfield. Our criminal defense attorneys possess the knowledge, skill and experience to handle all juvenile criminal matters. Gary Grabas, Casey Woodruff and Robert C. Rowbotham are all former Prosecutors. Jon Bramnick is a New Jersey “Super Lawyer” with over 30 years of trial experience. We fight to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Free Consultations Available – South Plainfield Juvenile Crimes Lawyers

If your child or loved one has been charged with an act of delinquency in South Plainfield, New Jersey, our juvenile criminal defense attorneys may be able to assist you. Our juvenile criminal defense attorneys regularly represent juvenile clients in South Plainfield and throughout New Jersey. You can contact us 24 hours a day at (908) 322-7000. The initial consultation is free.




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