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The mission of the Cranford Recreation & Parks Department is to provide leisure programs and activities for the citizens of Cranford. The benefits of leisure services are designed to meet the mental, physical and social needs of our residents in the community, while enhancing the overall quality of life. Specifically, Cranford has many programs and activities in place to serve the youth of the community. These include sports, athletics, music programs, educational programs, computer programs and many more. Even with all of these programs and a strong commitment to the children of Cranford, it is sometimes necessary for the Cranford Police Department to investigate juvenile crimes and file formal charges against those involved.

Should your child or teenager be charged with an act of delinquency in Cranford, it is important to speak to a juvenile criminal defense lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in the field of New Jersey juvenile criminal law. There are many differences in the procedures used to prosecute adults and juveniles. One important issue that does not vary is your child’s right to remain silent. If they are charged with a juvenile offense it is wise to speak with a New Jersey juvenile criminal defense lawyer before allowing your child to answer any questions or speak with the authorities.

Experienced Juvenile Crime Attorneys Can Help Your Child Fight Criminal Charges in Cranford, NJ

At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, our attorneys possess the knowledge, skill and experience to handle any juvenile criminal matter. Gary Grabas, Casey Woodruff and Robert C. Rowbotham, II are all former Prosecutors. Jon M. Bramnick is a New Jersey “Super Lawyer” with over 30 years of trial experience. Our collective backgrounds and experience allow us to defend your child and fight to achieve the best possible outcome on their behalf.

All Juvenile cases begin, and usually remain, in family court. In certain situations involving young offenders over the age of 14, the prosecutor may move to waive the case to the adult criminal division of the Superior Court of New Jersey. Otherwise, the case will be handled in the family court. The goal of the family court is to focus on rehabilitation reducing recidivism rather than punishment which is the goal of the adult system.

In New Jersey, a juvenile is charged with an act of delinquency, not a crime. The Code of Juvenile Justice (N.J.S.A. 2A:4A-23) defines delinquency to include the commission of an act by an individual under age 18 which if committed by an adult would constitute a crime; a disorderly persons offense or petty disorderly persons offense; or the violation of any other penal statute, ordinance or regulation, excluding motor vehicle, curfew, and smoking in public.

Some of the most common juvenile acts of delinquency are set forth below:

Once a child has been charged with an act of delinquency, the case usually progresses in the following manner:

Detention Proceedings in Cranford, NJ

Once a child has been formally charged with an act of delinquency, the issue of detention must be addresses. At this stage it is very important to have the assistance of a juvenile criminal defense lawyer. The Court may release the child to the custody of his/her parents or guardians, or it may require continued detention based upon the seriousness of the offense and a host of other factors

Case Disposition in Cranford

Once the issue of detention has been resolved, the next step is to attempt to resolve the charges by way of a trial or guilty plea to a plea bargain. Once a child has pleaded guilty or been found guilty at trial, there are several sentencing possibilities that may arise.

Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders in Cranford, NJ

A child may be sentenced to probation for a period of time. A child may also be sentenced to incarceration. Another favorable result is to have a case transferred to a local juvenile conference committee. (JCC) Here, a juvenile goes before a committee comprised of local citizens who have the authority to handle the matter and recommend disciplinary action and / or corrective behavior.

Directions to the Union County Superior Court – Family Division

2 Broad Street (at Rahway Avenue)
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07207

From NJ Turnpike

(Approximate distance: 1.7 miles)
Get off at Exit 13. Follow signs to NJ 439 (Bayway Avenue). Come off ramp, stay on Bayway Avenue. At the fourth light, turn right onto South Broad Street. Follow South Broad Street one mile. The Courthouse will be on your left.

From Garden State Parkway

(Approximate distance: 3.5 miles)
Get off at Exit 140. Follow signs saying Elizabeth – NJ 82 East, (NJ 82 is also known as Morris Avenue. Turn right onto Morris Avenue. Follow Morris Avenue to the end in Elizabeth – approximately 3 miles to the end, turn left – then right under the railroad overpass onto Broad Street. Follow Broad Street for approximately ½ mile. At the fourth traffic signal the Courthouse will be on your right.

U.S. 1 & 9 from the North

(Approximate distance: 2 3/4 miles)
Take U.S. 1 & 9 South past Newark International Airport into Elizabeth. Follow U.S. 1 & 9 for approximately 2 miles. After going under the railroad overpass, keep right for approximately ½ mile. Take the exit ramp immediately before crossing the Elizabeth River Bridge (viaduct). At the stop sign, turn right onto Elizabeth Avenue. From the turn onto Elizabeth Avenue, it is approximately 3/8 mile to the Courthouse.

U.S. 1 & 9 from the South

(Approximate distance: 2 ½ miles)
Follow U.S. 1 & 9 North through Linden past the I-278 turnoff. Stay on U.S. 1 & 9 for 1 ½ miles past I-278. Keep right. Follow the ramp off the highway to Pearl Street. Turn left onto Pearl Street. Follow Pearl Street approximately 3/4 of a mile to South Broad Street. Turn right onto South Broad Street. Follow South Broad Street one block North, approximately 1/4 of a mile.

U.S. 22 from the West

(Approximate distance 3 ½ miles)
Follow U.S. 22 into Union Township past the center islands that are between the eastbound and westbound roadways. Follow U.S. 22 for about one more mile. Turn right onto (NJ 82) Morris Avenue to Elizabeth. Follow Morris Avenue to the dead end at the railroad overpass in Elizabeth – approximately 3 miles. Turn left then right onto Broad Street. Follow Broad Street to the fourth traffic signal – approximately ½ mile.

From Rt. 78 West

(Approximate distance: 6 ½ miles)
Take Rt 78 East to the Union-Springfield exit. Turn left onto Morris Avenue (NJ 82). Follow the signs – approximately 6 miles. Stay on Morris Avenue to the end at the Railroad overpass in Elizabeth. Turn left, then right onto Broad Street. Follow Broad Street for ½ mile to the fourth traffic signal.

There is metered parking throughout the area. Metered lots are on Dickinson Street, Caldwell Place, Elizabethtown Plaza and Elizabeth Avenue. All are a short walk to the Courthouse. Jury parking is available in the garage at the corner of Dickinson Street and Jefferson Avenue.

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As discussed above, if your child has been charged with one of these offenses or any other juvenile act of delinquency in Cranford, you should immediately seek the advice of a New Jersey juvenile criminal defense lawyer. At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, our juvenile criminal defense lawyers know how to protect your child’s rights and vigorously pursue a favorable resolution on their behalf.

If your child have been charged with an act of delinquency in Cranford or anywhere else throughout New Jersey, it is important to consult with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer. For a free consultation, contact us at 908.322.7000. We can be reached 24 hours a day.




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