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President Obama Urges Immigrants to Prepare for Promised Protection

President Obama hasn’t lost confidence in his deportation directives. He is urging immigrants to keep planning for relief, despite the Texas district judge who put his order on hold, “This is just one federal judge. We have appealed it very aggressively. We’re going to be as aggressive as we can,” the president said.

He also stated that he expects the measure to go forward when it’s appealed to a U.S. circuit court, but that his administration will “take it up from there,” if the appeal fails.

Millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally are waiting to see if President Obama’s order protecting them from deportation will be upheld. The president professes that he is “absolutely committed” to the new policy, saying at a town hall meeting hosted by the Spanish TV network Telemundo, “People should be gathering up their papers, make sure you can show you are a long standing resident of the United States.” He told immigrants that once the legal issues have been resolved, make sure, “you are ready to go.”

While President Obama was speaking in Miami, lawmakers in Congress were working to fund Homeland Security over some Republicans’ insistence that the president’s immigration actions be repealed at the same time. He criticized Republicans for these actions, saying he would veto a stand-alone measure to repeal his actions.

The immigration dispute becomes increasingly political as the question of the president’s successor becomes more and more imminent. These political overtones are drawing attention to the question of whether Republicans can appeal to the Hispanic voter population, which is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. The president has said that he feels the first question for his potential successors should be whether they honestly intend to commence with the deportation of 11 million people living here illegally. If not, President Obama says, voters should demand to know their alternative plan.

If you are one of the millions of immigrants seeking protection from President Obama’s executive action, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced immigration attorney immediately. You don’t want to be unprepared once the legal issues have been resolved. In order for the protection to cover you and your family, you will need to meet certain requirements and obtain the proper documentation.

An immigration attorney can help you make sure you’re fully prepared. Contact Michael Noriega, skilled and experienced immigration lawyer, at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC for a consultation about your immigration status today.

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