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Important Factors That Could Impact Your Immigration Case

immigration law njOverview of Immigration Laws

United State immigration laws are complex and confusing, especially in today’s volatile political climate. Knowing a little bit about which factors affect the immigration procedure can go a long way in helping a non-citizen feel a little more comfortable about the entire process. Historically, U.S. immigration law has placed a strong emphasis on three goals: the reunification of families, welcoming a high-skilled workforce, and protecting vulnerable refugee populations.

Family Centered Immigration Policies

U.S. immigration law allows for citizens and permanent residents to bring certain family members to the country on what is known as a visa. Visas available to immediate family members eliminate much of the delay in bringing family to the US, but those offered to extended family members are more limited. Because these visas are limited, there is a hierarchy to who will have access to them first. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services relies on a “visa bulletin” which provides the deadlines for all individuals that will be eligible to apply to enter the United States depending on their original filing date and the backlog in the current immigration system.

Employment Immigration Policy

The government provides workers both temporary and permanent options for skilled immigrants seeking employment opportunities in the U.S. There are more than 20 types of temporary visas for people coming to work for American companies, which are classified by the type of work. Permanent immigration is only offered to those highly-skilled and educated individuals seeking to fill jobs that have a shortage of citizen or resident workers.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The last category is a wide range of individuals seeking to flee persecution, or cannot return to their home country due to extraordinary and dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, what groups and individuals qualify for this can shift wildly with the political tide. In addition, there may be limitations placed on certain populations based on their country of origin.

Seek Legal Help!

No matter what category you fall under, immigration is a complicated and ever-shifting set of laws and policies that can leave vulnerable individuals in the dust. Getting in touch with an experienced immigration lawyer can give you the best chance of working through all the legal and bureaucratic red tape to reunite you with your family and keep them safe.

Contact An Experienced New Jersey Immigration Attorney About Your Case Today!

Are you or a loved one facing immigration or deportation issues? The situation can be scary and overwhelming, and the consequences severe. That is why you need to contact an experienced immigration attorney to become your legal advocate and help you through this stressful time. The skilled attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC represent clients in immigration proceedings all throughout New Jersey. If English is a second language, our legal team can communicate with you in Spanish or Portugese to make sure you understand what is happening with your case. Call 877-423-4878 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation about your case. We have several offices, conveniently located in Scotch Plains, Westfield, Morristown, East Brunswick, Clifton, Cherry Hill, and Newark, New Jersey.

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