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When you or your business are subjected to consumer fraud or another fraudulent scheme, it can cost you not only significant amounts of money but also damage your reputation and require time and expense to repair the damages to your finances, operations, and reputation. If you’ve never had to deal with fraud before, you may not know how to protect your rights or seek recovery for your damages. If you or your company have been impacted by consumer or actual fraud, you need compassionate, knowledgeable legal representation on your side to help you assert your rights and get the compensation and justice you deserve.

At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, our consumer fraud/actual fraud attorneys have helped our business and individual clients who have been the victims of fraudulent schemes recover from the damage caused by fraud and protect and preserve their rights and interests. Our attorneys use their extensive experience and skill and our firm’s resources to help clients recover fully after being subjected to fraudulent schemes. 

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Examples of Consumer Fraud and Actual Fraud Our Firm Can Help You Recover From in Elizabeth, NJ

Our firm can help you protect your rights and interest and recover your damages and losses if you or your business has been the victim of fraudulent schemes such as:

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Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC Works Tirelessly to Pursue Recovery If You’ve Been the Victim of Consumer or Actual Fraud in Cherry Hill, NJ

For over 25 years, the attorneys of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan have worked to help clients who have been fallen victim to consumer or other types of fraud recover from the damages and financial losses caused by those fraudulent schemes. When you choose our firm to represent you in your fraud matter, you can trust that we will do whatever it takes to protect your rights and interests and make sure that your hard work in building your business or your reputation is not irreparably damaged. 

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When you or your business have been victimized by consumer fraud or actual fraud, you may be left feeling both angry and helpless. You need an experienced law firm that will fight for your interests and to help make you whole when you have suffered losses and other damages as a result of fraud. Schedule an initial case review with the consumer fraud/actual fraud attorneys of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan today to discuss your legal rights and options and to learn more about how our firm can help you recover your losses and secure the justice that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Consumer Fraud and Actual Fraud in New Jersey

FAQ: What happens if the other party is arrested for criminal fraud?

If you or your business have been the victim of fraud and the perpetrator of that fraud has been arrested for their actions, you need to keep in mind that their criminal conviction may not necessarily help you secure any relief for the damages you have suffered. Although the criminal court may order the perpetrator of the fraud to pay you restitution, you can only ensure that you will have the right to recoup losses by asserting a civil claim against the perpetrator.

FAQ: What kind of compensation might I be entitled to if I am the victim of fraud?

Damages you may be entitled to be compensated for from the perpetrator of a fraudulent scheme against you can include the actual money stolen by the perpetrator, loss of business opportunities, lost business reputation, and the cost to repair your credit or reputation due to the fraud.




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