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Intellectual property protection can be a powerful tool for businesses. Your company may spend significant time and money to develop patentable inventions, trademarks that gain name recognition in the market, or trade secrets that give your business a competitive advantage. It is critical that your company take steps to protect your intellectual property rights. This may involve filing applications or registering rights or engaging in legal action to defend intellectual property rights if someone else infringes upon them.

At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, our Union County intellectual property attorneys have been helping businesses secure and defend their IP rights for over 25 years. Our lawyers bring their legal knowledge and experience to each of our clients’ cases to help develop strong intellectual property strategies that protect our clients’ important assets and rights. You can trust that our firm will pursue every available opportunity to ensure that your company’s intellectual property is protected.

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Don’t sit on your company’s legal rights when it comes to your intellectual property. Let the lawyers at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan help you protect critical assets. Contact us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable intellectual property attorneys about your legal rights and options.

Types of Intellectual Property We Can Help You with in Clifton, NJ

At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, our experienced attorneys can help you in all kinds of matters involving any type of intellectual property, including:

Our firm can help you with any intellectual property matters, whether related to applications/registrations, licensing, sale, renewal, or defense.

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Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC Advises Business Clients on Intellectual Property Strategies in Cherry Hill, NJ

When your company develops an invention, formula, creative work, or brand recognition, it is critical that you take steps to protect those assets from those who might seek to profit for free off of your company’s hard work. At Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, our experienced intellectual property lawyers can help your business develop a strong intellectual property strategy that will protect those assets that give your company a competitive advantage. Our firm can help you file for patents, register trademarks and copyrights, draft trade secret protection policies, negotiate licensing agreements to allow others to use your intellectual property or to secure rights to use others’ intellectual property, and pursue enforcement actions against those who may try to steal your intellectual property. Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients in the state, national, and global intellectual property regulatory environment and we can make sure you are protected no matter where you may be doing business. When you choose our firm to help you in your intellectual property matter, you can trust that our skilled attorneys will help you develop a strategy that efficiently and effectively achieves your intellectual property goals.

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If you have questions about your business’s intellectual property, or if your company is facing a dispute over intellectual property ownership, or you believe someone has infringed upon your company’s IP, you need to move quickly to protect your business’ rights and interests. Schedule a case evaluation with the intellectual property lawyers of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan today to learn more about your rights and options and to learn more about how our knowledgeable attorneys can help in your intellectual property matter.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intellectual Property in New Jersey

FAQ: Is intellectual property law part of federal law or state law?

Intellectual property is governed under both state and federal law. Although patent law is strictly a matter of federal law, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are protected under both state and federal law. However, patents, copyrights, and trademarks will need to be registered with the appropriate federal agencies in order to receive protection under federal law.

FAQ: Do I always have to file for intellectual property protection?

Depending on the type of intellectual property, it may not be necessary to file or register in order to receive legal protection. Although patents must be filed and registered with the federal Patent Office to have legal protection, copyrights and trademarks do not have to be registered in order to receive some legal protections under state law. A common law copyright is gained as soon as a work is “fixed” in a permanent medium, while a common law trademark can be obtained through sufficient consistent use. However, registering copyrights or trademarks does confer additional benefits and legal protections.




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