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Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Aviation Accidents


Accidents can happen anywhere, even on a plane. When many people think of aviation accidents, they often immediately think of a plane crashing. However, a plane does not need to crash in order for passenger to experience a fatal injury. There are many factors that can lead to a fatal injury, most of which are entirely avoidable. According to statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board, the accident rate for a private-flight crash is 12 times higher than a commercial flight.

Airplane accidents are not limited to crashes. Common causes for airplane accidents are:

Lack of Maintenance

Airplanes and other aircrafts require precise and constant maintenance. There is regulation in place to make sure that and aircraft is running up to precise, rigorous safety standards. However, it is not uncommon for an airline or private party to choose less reputable forms of maintenance to save money. This can lead to a deadly malfunction.

Manufacturing Errors

Both private and commercial planes are designed to withstand a wide variety of of environmental factors for safety reasons. Sometimes an aircraft can be poorly designed or manufactured, which can lead to fatal incidents.

Poor Training / Negligence

Even the best aircrafts are rendered dangerous by a poor or untrained staff. It is the responsibility of the crew to carry out safety checks while the pilot is responsible for knowing how to maneuver the aircraft. If either of the staff neglects to carry out their duty, their negligence can result in a fatal accident.

Aviation crashes can occur on a standard commercial airline, in a small, privately owned plane, in a sightseeing or otherwise tourist attraction plane and much more. Be it falling out of the sky, a runway crash, or a mid-air plane crash, these accidents are largely avoidable with even the most basic required maintenance.


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