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Top 5 Injuries that Result from Slip and Fall Accidents


According to the National Safety Council, just under 9 million Americans make a trip to the ER because of a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents are far and away the common cause of injuries in the United States. Not limited to injuries, these accidents lead to over 25,000 fatalities per year. Most of these accidents occur in the workplace but they can affect anyone. Common causes of slip and fall accidents are spills, debris and clutter, wet walkways with no caution signs, electrical cords, newly mopped floors, damaged handrails and more.

It’s not uncommon to hear about slip and falls. In fact, they can be outright devastating. Below we take a look at the top five injuries that are caused by slip and fall accidents.

Brain / Head Injuries

Taking the top spot is of course the top of the body. A slip and fall whether forward or backward will often cause a victim to strike their head. Head and brain injuries can lead to a variety of lifelong issues including, but not limited to; hemorrhaging, mobility issues, cognitive issues like delayed response times, behavior and even mobility issues.

Back / Spine Injuries

Over 450,000 Americans are living with the long term effects of spinal cord injuries sustained in a variety of situations. Among these accidents of course are slips and falls. Injuries commonly sustained are slipped discs in the vertebrae, a broken back, poor circulation, constant pain, and decreased mobility that can make it difficult for a person to carry on working.

Neck Injuries

Along the same vein of a head injury, the neck is largely prone to injury in a slip and fall. The neck can be affected on impact causing limited mobility of the head, constant pain, headaches and migraines along with trouble sleeping. These injuries aren’t always temporary and could have lifelong consequences.

Broken / Damaged Hips or Pelvis

Senior citizens are constantly in the top ranking numbers of slip and fall injuries. The state of their bodies makes these injuries far more dangerous on impact. It’s not uncommon that a person could experience a broken hip or pelvis upon falling. Costly surgery and extended stay in a medical facility or nursing home could be needed as a result.

Sprained Muscles / Strained Ligaments and Tendons

A sprained muscle or torn ligament may not seem like a big deal in the scheme of the other injuries on this list but that’s exactly why they are often the most dangerous. It’s easy for a victim to write off muscle and tendon injuries as a soreness that will eventually fade. However, these injuries that often affect the wrists, ankles, and legs can lead to lifelong complications in mobility and could require a bout of costly physical therapy.


If you or someone you know has been hurt in a slip and fall accident, do not simply brush it off. You may be eligible for the medical compensation you deserve for medical expenses or lost income. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC may be able to help. We have ample experience dealing with personal injury cases in New Jersey. Contact us for your free consultation today!

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