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5 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety This Summer

Summertime is one of the most fun times of the year. Many families have an extra break, children are out of school, and everyone is eager for fun in the sun. Among the different types of activities a family will host, pool parties are among the most common. But without the right precautions, a fun day by the pool can quickly become dangerous. But it doesn’t have to – below are five tips for swimming pool safety this summer:

Always Have Proper Supervision

Many accidents that occur at the pool can be prevented with proper supervision in place. Adults can take turns monitoring children and stepping in when they see children playing dangerously. It is important to always keep children visible.

Establish Rules

Before allowing children to play in the pool, it is wise to go over a few important ground rules, explaining why they’re important to a child’s safety. Simply going over these rules with the children can ensure they will be mindful while playing and is the first step in significantly reducing the chances of injury.

CPR and First Aid

Adults who supervise children at a pool should have training and the ability to perform CPR. This method saves thousands of lives every year when executed correctly. If the pool is in a public setting, make note of the official lifeguard on duty and make sure they have the training and resources to aid in a dangerous situation. It is also beneficial to have a first aid kit available for any minor cuts, scrapes, and other injuries that could occur by the pool.

Keep Safety Devices Nearby

Beyond the average first aid kit, it is important to keep safety devices around the pool, such as tethered flotation rings. If someone is drowning or struggling to reach the surface of the water, a floatation device can help give a struggling swimmer leverage in being pulled to safety.

Secure Drains and Openings

Many pools offer ports and grates for water filtration. It is important to instruct children that these features are not to be played or tampered with. For added security, these grates and openings should be properly secured. Unsecured grates and ports could lead to trapping, injury, and could even pose a risk for drowning.

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 14 children drown in swimming pools annually. These events are tragic and are often preventable. Taking these steps can help ensure a much safer time at the pool. However, despite best efforts, accidents do happen.

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