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Rutgers Football Players Arrested, Face Criminal Charges for Alleged Home Invasions

Five college football players are among the 10 Rutgers University students who have been accused of committing serious criminal offenses that include armed robbery, burglary and aggravated assault.

In the wake of the recent arrests of several Rutgers University students, including a number of football players, the school has come under a great deal of scrutiny. Now police have arrested another Rutgers student, Lloyd Terry, who used to play for the university’s football team. The suspect was placed under arrest in connection with a Dec. 14, 2014 dorm room break-in and armed robbery on the Rutgers Busch campus. According to Middlesex County prosecutors, the suspect broke into the residence and stole an unspecified amount of marijuana and cash.

The same suspect, Terry, has also been linked to a home invasion on April 26, 2015. According to authorities, Terry was joined by two other former Rutgers football players, Andre Boggs and Tejay Johnson, when he broke into a New Brunswick residence and stole cash and marijuana from Rutgers students. All three of the defendants have been charged with armed robbery, burglary and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in connection with the incident. Boggs and Johnson have pleaded not guilty in the case; they face additional charges for other armed robberies reportedly committed last spring.

The arrests of these individuals represent the latest black eye for a Rutgers University football program that has taken a massive public relations hit in recent weeks. At least five members of the football team, as well as one other student at the university who is not on the football team, are currently facing a host of criminal charges for an alleged attack against another Rutgers student. This alleged assault left the victim with serious injuries, including a broken jaw.

Most of the Rutgers football players who were arrested for the robberies and the assault have already been kicked off the football team, while the suspect, star wide receiver Leonte Carroo, was accused of domestic violence and has been indefinitely suspended from the team. As for the non-football-playing Rutgers students allegedly involved in these incidents, school officials are currently conducting an internal investigation and following up with law enforcement before deciding whether the students will be allowed to continue attending the university.

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