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How Resisting Arrest Can Worsen Your Charges

Dont Resist Arrest

Many things happen in the heat of a stressful moment. Nobody knows how they’re going to react to something until it happens to them. Unfortunately, in many cases, the innate reaction to a situation is panic and the need to escape. While this is a good survival tactic in some situations, it could land a person in serious trouble in others. Resisting arrest is an easy way to make even the most basic charges worst.

Resisting Arrest

Even in the case of a wrongful arrest, a person should always comply with a police officer’s request and doing as instructed. Resisting arrest can have various consequences depending on how the resistance was carried out. A person who resists arrest can face a sentence of six months in county jail. Evading law enforcement during arrest can fall under a fourth degree felony. This act can carry a much heavier penalty of 18 months in state prison.

If resisting arrest is committed by fleeing in a motor vehicle, it could be charged as a third-degree felony, the consequences for which could be anywhere from three to five years in state prison.

Resisting Arrest Violently

Resisting arrest on its own can lead to serious charges. But adding a violent element to resisting arrest can make a bad situation even worse. Marked as a third-degree felony, violently resisting arrest, meaning using force or violence against the arresting officer, could leave a person charged with a third-degree charge with a sentence anywhere from three to five years in state prison.

All of these convictions don’t even take into account the original charges that were grounds for arrest and all the penalties associated with that. Resisting arrest is rarely intentional and is usually the result of acting out of fear.

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