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Obama Announces New Immigration Reform

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Obama Announces New Immigration Reform

Last night, President Obama spoke to the country, informing us that he will use his executive power to protect nearly five million undocumented immigrants in the United States. The plan includes making it significantly easier for high-skilled immigrants and entrepreneurs to remain in our country and contribute to the economy.

The most controversial part of the reform, however, involves the millions of undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. Under this new plan, they will be protected from deportation if the following criteria are met.

  • If they have resided in America for more than five years
  • If they have children who are American citizens or legal residents
  • If they register and pass a criminal background check
  • If they are willing to pay taxes

According to President Obama, if all these criteria are met, “You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law.” This reform will lift the fear of deportation from the shoulders of many, however, the executive action doesn’t cover everyone and for those it does cover, the preparation must begin now.

Immigration law is complex. All undocumented individuals are invited to contact Michael Noriega of the Jon Bramnick Law Firm. Mr. Noriega has helped countless families who are facing immigration issues including deportation.

Preparation for Immigration Application Must Begin Now

The application to remain in the country under this new immigration law has not yet been created, and it will not be made available until 2015. If the new laws apply to you, it is essential that you begin to prepare immediately. The process is not going to be simple.

Undocumented immigrants will need to locate necessary documents proving their time in the country, parental status and an absence of criminal history, among other things.

According to Attorney Michael Noriega, “The most important thing right now is preparation. Anyone who is going to apply for protection must locate proper documentation, begin the process of filing back taxes for the last 3 years, and be wary of scammers. In Latin America, notaries, or notarios, have special legal credentials which they do not have in the United States. American notaries will offer assistance with immigration paperwork at a reduced price, however, you run a great risk of that paperwork either being incorrect, or downright fraudulent.”

If you or someone you love needs legal assistance to help stay in New Jersey, talk with attorney Michael Noriega right away. He has dedicated his practice to assisting clients with legal matters around the issue of immigration. In fact, Mr. Noriega’s practice has taken him to the Supreme Court of New Jersey twice over the past two years.

Attorney Michael Noriega wants to caution people not to panic.

“The executive action doesn’t go far enough to cover everyone yet, but I believe the next round of changes will be more inclusive. Some people who are not included in the protection are planning on leaving, but panicking and making sudden changes could be a very bad idea. People should have hope, and wait.”

Jon Bramnick Law Firm Associate Protects & Defends the Rights of Undocumented Immigrants

As immigration reform begins to sweep the nation, Mr. Noriega is committed to assisting his clients so that they can benefit from the change rather than agonize over its complexities. He handles many types of cases including:

  • deportation defense
  • asylum
  • non-immigrant visa
  • Green Card applications
  • temporary protected status

We invite you to contact him to discuss your personal immigration or criminal defense needs. Mr. Noriega speaks Spanish fluently.

Whether your case is a complex immigration or criminal matter or a fairly straight-forward Green Card or visa application, you can rely on Michael Noriega for focused, experienced legal representation. He has dedicated his practice to assisting clients with legal matters throughout New Jersey.




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