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NJ Highway Construction Prices are Through the Roof!

New Jersey taxpayers are shelling out eight times the national average spend for roadway improvements. At a cost of $2 million per mile, if highways had a roof, the prices wouldn’t be just through it – it would blow the roof clean off!

New Jersey officials are routinely discussing how to pay for state-controlled infrastructure improvements, now that the NJ’s fund for transportation improvements is running dry. People talk about an additional gas tax, raising the sales tax and maybe even taking out some loans.

The Transportation Trust Fund is used to pay for NJ’s highway, bridge and rail projects. The fund uses loans and gas tax monies to cover the state’s $1.6 billion construction budget. However, in June of 2015, the Fund will no longer be able to borrow more money and will be paying down is $14.4 billion in debt.

Many experts are pointing to population density, high cost of land and utility relocation expenses as the reasons for the high transportation costs. Some believe the costs are high because of union fees; others say that’s not entirely the case. However, even so, Massachusetts pays about $675,000 per mile and the national average is $162,200. Worse yet, New Jersey ranking in the category of “pavement conditions” is poor.

While roadway fatalities are relatively low in New Jersey compared to the other 49 United States, accidents do happen here. When they do, serious life-altering injuries, and even wrongful death, can occur.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a New Jersey roadway accident, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Jon Bramnick Law. We will investigate the accident and make sure you are compensated fairly for your injuries.

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