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Misplaced Dentures Lead to Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for Kearny NJ Woman

Lourdes Rivera, a 56 year old Kearny woman, is suing the Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center in Secaucus after her dentures became lodged in her esophagus while she was under anesthesia for surgery. According to the lawsuit filed in New Jersey’s Superior Court, the mistake required a tracheostomy to remove the lower dentures, which remained in her esophagus for three months.

In 2013, Rivera was under anesthesia for an echocardiogram. Doctors had to insert an endoscope into Rivera’s mouth and esophagus. They removed her upper dentures prior to the procedure, but left her lower dentures in. A month later, when Rivera was discharged, the hospital was unable to find her lower dentures. In December, she received a letter from the hospital stating that they had misplaced the dentures and would reimburse her for the loss.

After complaining of throat pain, a raspy throat and trouble chewing, Rivera had a tracheostomy to remove the dentures, at a different hospital. She is currently seeking damages from Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center.

Medical Malpractice suits can be emotionally charged because they often involve personal pain and suffering, or suffering (and even death) of a loved one. Doctors work hard to earn our trust. However, when an accident happens due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or other care provider, he or she should be held responsible for any harm that was caused. If an individual is injured because of a health care provider’s mistake, skilled legal representation is necessary to effectively protect the victim’s rights.

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