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Gun Heist Leads to Drug Charges After Two Different NJ Incidents

A suspicious looking car was parked outside a New Jersey gas station earlier this week. In the early morning hours, police went to investigate the car and found two men passed out inside. The men, brothers from New York, were in possession of heroin.

Police immediately arrested Craig Gunset, 32, and George Gunset, 29. It didn’t take long for detectives to determine their link to a February 27 robbery at a TD Bank in Paramus and another robbery at the Chase Bank in Hawthorne. Prior to their arrest, the FBI and Paramus police had already identified Craig Gunset as a potential suspect in the case. Authorities also knew the robberies were probably linked because of the similarities between the Paramus and Hawthorne heists.

According to police, the suspect used a handwritten note to demand money from the bank tellers, however, he fled the scene when the tellers refused his request. A photo of the suspect was quickly circulated to area police. Craig Gunset is being held at the Bergen County Jail on $510,000 bail after being charged with two counts of bank robbery and drug offenses. His brother, who was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit bank robbery and additional drug charges, is being held on $210,000 bail.

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