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Did Your Boss Buy Unsafe Equipment?

As a worker, you take pride in doing what you can to better the company that you work for while also keeping things safe. It’s not fair to you, then, to be injured while on the job. Many people tend to blame the company that they work for their injury, and many times, the company or its owner may really be at fault.

When business owners try to save a buck by buying equipment that isn’t up to safety standards, people get hurt. Likewise, when business owners make uninformed purchases thinking they are buying top grade but actually wind up getting something less than safe, people also get hurt. Regardless, its not fair to you to be injured while working and you deserve compensation.. So, if you’ve been injured in an accident on the job that involved unsafe equipment– such as faulty ladders or scaffolding– you may be entitled to not only to file a Third Party Claim against the manufacturer of the faulty equipment, but also a Worker’s Compensation claim.

Workplace injuries happen all the time. However, most times, you cant actually sue your employer. Instead, you can file for Workers’ Compensation. By filing a Worker’s Compensation claim, you are almost always entitled to receive medical treatment and replacement pay., You may also be able to recoup a cash award depending on the injuries you’ve suffered.

Additionally, a Third Party Claim can be filed at the same time you are collecting Workers’ Comp. When substandard equipment caused your workplace injuries, or the installer (someone other than your employer) of the equipment failed to do their job properly, those entities can and should also be held responsible for your injury.

If you recently had an injury at work, think back about what happened when you were injured. Did equipment fail to operate properly? Did a forklift tip or other vehicle fail to stop when you hit the brakes? Did scaffolding collapse or an unstable ladder cause you to fall? Did a safety harness give way causing you to sustain injury?

Unsafe equipment is a big problem in many workplaces throughout the US. Not only should you seek compensation if you’ve been injured because of faulty equipment, but if you are concerned about the possibility of others getting hurt by the same equipment, you have a responsibility to help hold the manufacturer of the equipment responsible.

In order to get the compensation that you deserve, you will need a skilled lawyer to work with you and compile a good case for your 3rd party claim. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call the experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC today.

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