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Criminal Penalties for Terroristic Threats


Terrorism is a hot subject in today’s political climate. It seems everywhere people turn, there is a new threat or incident of some kind of terrorist activity. The amount of fear this has created around the world has made even doing common, everyday tasks more difficult. Alertness is at all-time high. It follows then that making a terroristic threat has heavy criminal penalties that can be life-changing, even if those threats are not carried out.

Terrorist Threats

A terrorist threat is defined as a threat to commit a crime that could result in terror, death, serious injury, physical damage, and / or property damage. The threat could be made in writing or verbally. but it can also be insinuated. How specific the threat is and whether or not a threat could reasonably be carried out are both considered.

Criminal Penalties for Terrorist Threats

Making a terroristic threat is usually punishable as a Third Degree crime – unless the threat is made during a time of county, city, state, or even national emergency. In this case, it is punishable as a Second Degree crime. If convicted of a Third Degree crime, the person who made the threat could face three to five years in prison with fines up to $15,000. A threat that qualifies as a Second Degree crime has a heavier outcome. If convicted, the person who made the threat can face anywhere from five to ten years in prison with fined of up to $150,000

It’s easy to see how someone could take a terroristic threat seriously in these difficult times. On the other hand, miscommunication often plays a role in cases like these. A serious defense is needed in order to confront a potential conviction.


If your or someone you know is facing charges for terroristic threats in New Jersey, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help. Don’t wait: contact an experienced criminal attorney at the law offices of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold, & Mangan today for a case consultation.

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