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Cosby Rape Allegations in Atlantic City

It was recently determined that Bill Cosby would not be subject to criminal charges stemming from an allegation that he sexually assaulted a woman in Atlantic City nearly 25 years ago.

Cosby, the well-known comedian and entertainer, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Dozens of women have come forward in recent months to allege that Cosby raped them. Among the accusers are two women from New Jersey.

Expired Statute of Limitations in Atlantic City Rape Case
One of the alleged victims, actress Lili Bernard, said that Cosby drugged and raped her in Atlantic City. However, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has determined that the relevant statute of limitations expired prior to Bernard meeting with Atlantic City police and detailing the events of the alleged sexual assault. According to an individual who identified himself as Cosby’s defense attorney, “the Office of the Atlantic County Prosecutor has terminated its investigation, closed its file and so notified Ms. Bernard’s lawyer.”

Although New Jersey does not currently have a statute of limitations for rape allegations, the law was changed in 1996, which is prior to the date of Cosby’s alleged crime. As a result, the allegations against Cosby have been grandfathered into the old law that sets a time limit on filing rape charges.

Gloria Allred, the attorney for Bernard, mockingly said that Cosby uses the words “statute of limitations” whenever he can to help him get away with violating the trust and bodies of his victims while avoiding any accountability in a court of law.

Other Rape Allegations against Cosby
Whether the sexual assault claims arose in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Illinois, Cosby has thus far evaded any formal criminal charges because those states have statutes of limitations that already expired.

The reality is that Cosby’s reputation has sustained significant damage regardless of the outcome of any criminal case against him. The New York Times recently obtained a transcript of Cosby’s deposition from a 2005 rape case in Philadelphia, PA. While providing testimony, Cosby allegedly described the manner in which he would seek out young actresses to offer assistance and then engage in sexual affairs with them. Throughout the testimony, Cosby stated that any sexual acts he engaged in with the women were consensual. However, this has done little to quiet the uproar over the allegations that Cosby raped and drugged women throughout his career.

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