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Bill Cosby Charged with Indecent Sexual Assault in Philly

After more than a year of speculation about a number of rape allegations brought against famed entertainer and comedian Bill Cosby, it appears that he will have to answer at least one of the allegations in court. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office held a press conference on Dec. 30, 2015 and announced that it was filing criminal charges against Cosby. At present, this is the only criminal charge Cosby is facing, despite the fact that more than 50 women have accused the 78-year-old Cosby of rape.

The criminal charges against Cosby stem from a continued investigation of a sexual assault case initiated in 2004. That case stalled in 2005 when a district attorney decided not to pursue it further because there was not enough physical evidence to charge Cosby. The case was reopened in 2015 after more and more women continued to accuse Cosby of drugging and raping them. Additionally, a civil suit filed in 2005 by Andrea Constand, the alleged victim in the recent criminal case, led to a deposition in which Cosby made potentially damning admissions.

Constand used to work at Temple University, where she was employed by the women’s basketball team. She told law enforcement that Cosby drugged her at his home in Philadelphia and then sexually assaulted her. Cosby allegedly gave Constand three pills, Quaaludes, which reportedly caused her to become dizzy. Sometime later, while Constand was unable to move and barely conscious, Cosby allegedly committed the sexual assault.

Kevin Steele, an assistant district attorney with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, spoke at a press conference and announced the charges against Cosby. Steele made it clear that the district attorney’s office is going to seek “justice on behalf of the victim.”

For additional information about the Bill Cosby rape charges, read the US Magazine article, “Bill Cosby Charged with a Second-Degree Felony for Alleged Aggravated Indecent Assault in 2004 Case: Details.”


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