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6 Tips for Ladder Safety: Avoiding On-the-Job Injuries


A ladder is an absolutely essential tool for many different professions. However, when used improperly, a ladder could lead to a wide variety of serious injuries and in some cases, death. Below are six tips for ladder safety.

Make Sure the Ladder is Grounded

The most essential factor of ladder safety begins when the ladder is set up for use. Upon opening a ladder, one should make sure that the feet of the ladder are firmly placed on level, solid ground. In doing so, stability is ensured for the person using the ladder. It should not wobble or sway while in use.

Measure Appropriate Distance

Sometimes, the location of a ladder needs to be adjusted for accessibility. For example, if the current placement of the ladder has the person using it extending their reach too far, it could lead to the ladder tipping over, thus causing the user to fall. Though it may seem tedious, it is always important to adjust the placement of the ladder when necessary.

Use the Correct Ladder

Many different ladders exist for many different projects. The size, build, and material of a ladder can all contribute to its intended use. Using a ladder that is too tall or too short could cause a sizeable gap, which can cause overextension while working that could lead to greatly increased chances of injury.

Do Not Exceed Cited Weight

Many ladders often have a safety guideline sticker affixed to them alerting the user of certain safety precautions that should be taken when the ladder in use. This sticker will often have a maximum weight limit stated. If the person using the ladder or the items they intend to carry while on the ladder exceed the weight that the ladder can stand, the ladder could collapse and cause a serious injury. Limits of the ladder’s construction should always be taken into account.

Do Not Use in Inclement Weather

When working on a project, it can be tempting to work through difficult conditions, especially if the project is almost over. However, working through inclement weather, be it windy conditions, rain, snow, or anything else, could make it difficult for someone to keep proper footing and balance on a ladder. This difficulty could lead to a serious injury or even death.

Ladder injuries are extremely common in the workplace. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 81 percent of all fall injuries involve the use of a ladder.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job while using a ladder, contact an experienced workplace injury lawyer to discuss your rights. You may be eligible for compensation for lost wages. Contact the experienced attorneys at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan today to schedule your case consultation. Contact using the online form or call 877.423.4878 today.


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