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Authorities Investigate Cause of Fatal Construction Accident in Hanover, NJ

A tragic construction accident at a construction site in Hanover Township, New Jersey resulted in the deaths of two workers.

A work crew was in the process of building a new fire station for the Whippany Fire Company on Troy Hills Road in Hanover, NJ. As the workers attempted to use a crane to move a generator, something went wrong. According to witnesses at the scene of the accident, the generator fell to the ground and landed on two construction workers who were trying to guide the generator into its proper spot at the building site.

Emergency responders with the Whippany Fire Department, the Madison Fire Department and the Cedar Knolls Fire Department were subsequently alerted and rushed to the scene.

One of the construction workers was killed almost immediately after being hit by the generator. Emergency responders transported the other injured worker to a nearby hospital. However, doctors at the medical facility were unable to save the victim; he was pronounced dead as a result of critical injuries sustained in the construction accident.

Investigators with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office are still not entirely sure how the accident happened. It is believed that at least one of the three yellow support belts used to maintain the generator and connect it to the crane may have snapped, causing the generator to flip and crash to the ground.

Additionally, the weather conditions at the construction site were windy, according to witnesses. Some have speculated that high winds might have contributed to the accident.

For further information about this tragic construction accident, access the New York CBS article, “2 Workers Killed in Crane Accident at Hanover Construction Site.”


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