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Criminal Attorneys Defend Clients Against Drug Charges in Scotch Plains NJ

The law firm of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC regularly handles drug-related cases in New Jersey. Our criminal defense attorneys have many years of experience guiding clients through the judicial process. Gary Grabas and Casey Woodruff are former Prosecutors. Jon Bramnick is a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.

If you have been charged with a drug-related offense in Scotch Plains, your case will be handled in Scotch Plains Municipal Court or Union County Superior Court depending on the nature of the crime. Scotch Plains Municipal Court is located at 430 Park Avenue. Common drug-related offenses the Court presides over include: possession of marijuana 50 grams or less; possession of marijuana paraphernalia; and under the influence of marijuana.

More serious drug-related offenses are handled in Union County Superior Court. Union County Superior Court is located at 2 Broad Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Criminal Division generally presides over these offenses unless Drug Court is appropriate.

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Scotch Plains Drug Court

Drug Court is a program designed to rehabilitate offenders charged with drug-related offenses, instead of incarcerating them. The program operates within Union County Superior Court. Drug Court is comprised of a judge, an assistant prosecutor, an assistant deputy public defender, a drug court coordinator, team leader, probation supervisor and probation officers, substance abuse evaluators, treatment provider representatives and support staff. Upon completion of the program, drug-related charges may be reduced or dismissed.

Drug Charges Heard in Scotch Plains Drug Court

Drug Court handles all matters relating to a person’s dependency on illegal drugs. For example, persons charged with theft may be eligible for Drug Court if the purpose of the theft was to supply a drug habit. Other common Drug Court offenses include the unlawful possession or distribution of:

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