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Essex County Attorneys Help Clients Expunge Criminal Arrests & Convictions

In New Jersey, many criminal offenses, convictions, arrests, disorderly persons offenses, town ordinance convictions and other violations of law can be “expunged” from a person’s record. The expungement process is a complex procedure that consists of filing the proper documents with the court and making all necessary court appearances to see the process through to a successful completion.

Some of the most common offenses our clients seek to have expunged from their record include, but are not limited to, the following: possession of CDS / drugs, distribution of CDS / drugs, possession of CDS paraphernalia, shoplifting, theft, underage drinking, assault and weapons possession.

Bramnick Law Can Help You Expunge Your Essex County Criminal Record

To ensure that your expungement application is done properly, it is best to consult with an experienced New Jersey expungement lawyer. At the Law Firm of Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC, we are experienced New Jersey expungement lawyers and handle all types of expungement applications on behalf of our clients throughout the State of New Jersey. Due to our vast experience with the expungement process, we are able to avoid many common mistakes that are often made by others during the expungement process.

Mistakes You Can Make When Seeking an Expungement in Essex County, New Jersey

Some of the most common mistakes made when seeking an expungement are as follows:

1) Not informing your lawyer of any out of state arrests as these may affect the success of your expungement application in New Jersey;

2) Failing to inform your lawyer of any town ordinance violations you may have had in the past (noise violation, improper pet license, etc.);

3) Not being familiar with the appropriate time period that determines when you may seek an expungement following a period of PTI supervision;

4) Failure to be aware of the factual and time limitations applicable to having prior dismissals expunged from your record;

5) Not being aware of certain offenses that are permanently barred from being expunged from your record;

6) Being unfamiliar with the complexities involved when dealing with the expungement of juvenile offenses and youthful drug / CDS offender charges;

7) Failure to understand the differences between the various types of drug / CDS convictions and those that may be expunged.

These factors, amongst others, will be thoroughly discussed and reviewed by our New Jersey expungement lawyers when we prepare your application for expungement. Our criminal defense attorneys have many years of experience handling expungements and all other types of criminal matters. Casey Woodruff is a former Union County Prosecutor. Gary Grabas was a Prosecutor in Morris County and Middlesex County. Robert C. Rowbotham, II was a prosecutor in Essex County and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office – Division of Criminal Justice. Jon Bramnick is a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with over 30 years of experience.

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