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$46 Million Settlement Awarded to Parents of Toddler After Ikea Dresser Accident

defective product lawyer scotch plains njDefective Ikea Dresser Results in $46 million Settlement

Ikea is known as a leading manufacturer of furniture. They provide everything you can think of from office chairs to dining room tables, bed frames, and even dressers. Despite the popularity of their products, some issues have arose as a result of faulty products that put others at risk. Jozef Dudek is a prime example of a product liability situation. The two-year-old child lost his life when a dresser from Ikea toppled over on him and suffocated him. It is his parents who were just awarded $46 million from Ikea because of the accident.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

The attorneys who represented the parents of Jozef Dudek assisted with filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the child, claiming that the dresser was built in an unsafe way, which ultimately led to the untimely death of the child at such an unexpected moment and such an early age in general. Other lawsuits against Ikea were filed in earlier years where settlements also took place because it was proven that these dressers had design flaws that made them hazardous to have in the home.

Joleen Dudek is the mother of Jozef Dudek. She is still grieving the loss of her child who would have turned five in April. She was beside herself when everything first transpired. Never could she ever imagine her small child having the strength to pull such a tall and heavy dresser over, but it happened.

Product Did Not Meet Safety Standards

After an investigation was done, Dudek learned that the product did not meet the required safety standard and that it posed a serious safety risk in homes where young children were present. It is believed that there was a design flaw with the product that caused it to be unstable and flip over in a way that could make any situation dangerous for a young child. Dudek also found out that other young children had suffered the same fate as her own child because of this exact dresser from Ikea.

Because it was a product liability issue, Ikea eventually agreed to settle with the family for $46 million. The company realizes that the money does not replace the loss of Jozef Dudek, but they hope that it helps the family in some way. Ikea claims to be committed to reviewing any potential safety hazards that come from the products they are providing to the public. It is important for Ikea to take proper measures to avoid safety hazards or else they can end up dealing with more product liability lawsuits and personal injury lawsuits in the future.

Nine children have lost their lives in Ikea dresser-related accidents. In addition to nine deaths, many more children have suffered from injuries because of these dressers. Millions of dressers have since been recalled by Ikea, including the dresser that killed Jozef. That specific dresser had three drawers and was referred to as the Malm dresser. It is no longer available in stores or online at Ikea’s website, but some people still own this dresser and use it. Those who do use it need to be aware of the safety hazards in order to prevent injuries and potentially fatal accidents from occurring.

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